NPSD Says Goodbye to Class of 2018 Retirees

As another school year comes to a close, the North Penn School District (NPSD) will say goodbye to 67 beloved employees as they enter the well-earned, next chapter of their lives, retirement.

In May, the district honored some of these employees at the annual NPSD Retiree Reception at PineCrest Country Club. Retirees, honored guests and members of the NPSD Board of Directors and NPSD Administration gathered to recognize, celebrate and give many thanks to the NPSD staff members retiring this year.

On behalf of the NPSD, we thank each of our retirees for their many years of dedication to the district and the countless students whom they had such a large impact on during their tenure. We wish you all a happy and relaxing retirement!

Congratulations to the NPSD Class of 2018 Retirees!

Julie Alpert

Edith Amey

Mary Ann Anders

Kathleen Belcher

Patricia Bowman

Valerie Broadus

Barbara Campbell

Rena Clayton

Harry Clegg

James Cortellini

Nancy Craig

Lorraine Dancer

Denise Daniele

Kenneth Dean

Brenda Diehl

Mary Ellen Enoch

Janet Focht

Diane Galaton

Pamela Gallagher

Barbara Galloway

Jackie Geddes

Donna Grabner

Sandra Henning

Bridget Herber

Christopher Hermann, Jr.

Rhonda Herold

Ruthmary Hitchman

Judith Hoffman

Diane Holben

Janice Johnson

Nora Juarez-Gibbs

Cathleen Keane

Louise Kirsh

Susie Krause

Susan Kwiatkowski

Susan Lahneman

Joanne Leatherman

Janeen Marzewski

Barabara McNamara

Sharon Miller

Donald Mollica

Lida Morelli

Dolores Mucchetti

Debbie Offner

Janice Phiambolis

Heidemarie Pickens

Eleanor Pluta

Frank Potser

Carolyn Rafferty

Betty Rickert

Vicki Rinker

Karen Scioli

Pamela Sherry

Catherine Solari

Joyce Stokes

Charles Thomson, II

Denise Trimborn

Kathy Troupe

Nicholas Vivino

Stormy Vogel

Harvey Watts

Dawn Weber-Reider

Marilyn Williams

Cynthia Wilson

Dale Ann Witmer

Patricia Yaw

Warren Youells

Click here to see photos of the 2018 Retiree Reception.