Transfer of Attendance

Centralized Transfer of Attendance Procedures for Elementary & Secondary Students

1. Transfer of Attendance (TOA) forms for a requested transfer for the next school year should be submitted in June.

2. Parents/guardians whose situation changes after June and during the school year may submit a request for a Transfer of Attendance at any time after June.

3. Applications for a Transfer of Attendance are available online.  Elementary and middle school buildings, as well as the ESC, can provide an application upon request.

4. TOA requests must be completed, notarized, and submitted to the office of the Director of Elementary Education [for elementary] or to the Assistant Superintendent [for secondary] at the ESC.

5. Parents/guardians in both the elementary and secondary schools will be notified once decisions have been finalized. Copies of the decision letters and TOA's will be sent to the respective buildings; originals will be filed at the ESC. In addition, notification of the approved TOA's will be sent to Transportation, Child Accounting, and Extended School Care (for elementary only). TOA's will also be tracked in a district data base.

6. Transfers of Attendance are considered a privilege and are granted only to those students whose behavior and attendance are satisfactory. Failure to meet those requirements may result in the student being returned to his/her home building.