Asst. Superintendent Dr. Waters' 21-22 Goals

Dr. D'Ana Waters' 2021-2022 Goals

Picture of D'Ana Waters

Goal 1: Provide opportunities to engage the community and strengthen communication between stakeholders by:

  • Planning at least three educational parent workshops 
  • Holding a Resources Fair to include various supports 
  • Bringing student groups together throughout the year 
  • Participating in outreach programs and/or discussions 
  • Building relationships with staff, students, and the NPSD community 
  • Exploring ways for high school students to share experiences and/or concerns with staff (“Safe Space”)
  • Attending P.I.E. meetings and providing updates
  • Meeting monthly with the Directors of Curriculum and Equity, Elementary Education and Special Education to collaborate and align goals and expectations

Goal 2: Continue to develop a community that values diversity and promotes equity for all students by:

  • Co-leading the implementation of our 2021-2024 Cultural Proficiency and Equity Plan to include:
    • Increasing the awareness, knowledge and skills of teachers and staff about differences
    • Reducing the number of diverse students who are disproportionately represented in Special Education, course placement, and student discipline
    • Recruiting, hiring, and retaining a diverse workforce
    • Increasing stakeholder engagement 
  • Providing professional development to administrators
  • Working in conjunction with the Director of Special Education to provide inclusive settings for students and seeking feedback from families (focus groups)
  • Piloting the “No Place for Hate” program at the elementary and secondary levels
  • Presenting goal work to board directors/community
  • Providing equity policy accountability measures
  • Planning preventative programming in support of student mental health and wellness

Goal 3: Oversee curriculum review processes and amendments to enhance student achievement, growth data, and social and emotional wellness in collaboration with the Director of Curriculum and Equity by:

  • Analyzing data, core instruction, patterns, and trends
  • Differentiating instruction to close pandemic skill gaps 
  • Evaluating resources using a cultural proficiency lens
  • Planning and providing professional development 
  • Monitoring and refining the implementation of newer programs such as the Elementary Virtual Academy, Ready Math, Second Step, and Schoolwide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports
  • Monitoring Federal Programs, including Title goals
  • Administering the PAYS and Belonging Surveys

Goal 4: Review the Supervision and Evaluation Plan for professional staff members in collaboration with the Director of Human Resources by:

  • Reconvening the planning team to review current plan 
  • Conducting Act 13 Training for instructional administrators
  • Making recommendations to begin in 2022-2023
  • Incorporating collaborative conversations, quality feedback to teachers, and a differentiated approach
  • Designing professional development and flex opportunities that are aligned to the plan

Goal 5: Manage the collaborative process of creating the 2022-2025 district wide Comprehensive Plan by:

  • Forming a Steering Committee of various community stakeholders comprised of students, teachers, staff, parents, administrators and community leaders
  • Garnering qualitative feedback and reflecting on the strengths and needs of our quantitative data
  • Recommending goals and action steps that support learners and improve student performance