Act 35

Act 35


Act 35 was passed by the Pennsylvania State Legislature in 2018. It requires all school districts (beginning in the 2020-2021 school year) in Pennsylvania to assess students once in their academic career (grades 7-12) in civics, government, and United States History. School districts have the option of creating their own (LEA - Local Education Authority created) assessment or utilize the United States Citizenship Test examination. School districts must provide students who receive a perfect score with a certificate of recognition. Learn more about Act 35.

Act 35 information at NPSD during 2023-2024 school year


What type of assessment was given?
LEA Created (Local Education Authority created)

How many students took the assessment?

How many students passed the assessment?

What grade and levels the assessment was administered?
Grade 12; All Levels

What course the assessment was administered?
American Government