Volunteer Ideas and Sign-up

NJHS Volunteering Ideas

Coming up with ideas* to earn hours towards your NJHS log can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be with the help of this list!

Below are some great ideas:

  • Help staff members prepare for the school year
  • Help out at sports games by keeping score, working the timer, etc.
  • Participate in the organization of fundraisers
  • Help neighbor prepare for outdoor event (food, setup, cleanup)
  • Play music for/visit senior citizens or nursing home residents
  • Help out at Penndale's Back-to-School Night
  • Host Variety Club Camp (eating lunch, swimming, and playing kickball)
  • Help out at horse show
  • Run booths at a local fair
  • Host movie night to raise funds for a cause
  • Help out at block party
  • Assist in fixing, repairing, and repainting homes
  • Lead service activities at local church
  • Give tour to Penndale Alumni
  • Help out at a parade or picnic
  • Help make a new community lawn
  • Help at Lansdale Farmer's Market
  • Coach/manage sports team
  • Volunteer at Manna on Main Street
  • Taking care of pets or animals
  • Help at religious school/Sunday school
  • Raise funds and awareness for the less fortunate
  • Selling school merchandise (tickets, candy-grams)
  • Help with elementary school Olympic Day
  • Help at NJHS Induction Ceremony
  • Tutor other students in applicable subjects
  • Greet guests at school events
  • Work snack stand (for Bingo Night, races, etc.)
  • Act as a tour guide for the incoming 7th graders
  • Help with recycling at a school after hours
  • Work as a camp counselor
  • Play in the orchestra, band, etc. for school events
  • Assist in the setup and cleanup for a dance
  • Make gifts for hospital patients
  • Organize information, books, data, etc. for a club
  • Collect food donations for a local charity
  • Serve as stage crew or help prepare for a play
  • Raise funds for a local youth group


*Remember that these ideas are ones in which you are not paid. Hours for NJHS will not be accepted if you were paid, as it shows that you did not volunteer your time.