Links to NPSD Information

VOLUNTEER CLEARANCESOpening in a new window- All adults wishing to volunteer at school, on field trips, etc. must have volunteer clearances on file with the school district. Visit this site to learn how to obtain and submit your clearances. Most clearances are now free for volunteers.

Community Bulletin BoardOpening in a new window
In the NPSD's continuing effort to be green, all non-profit community organization fliers will be posted on this site. Updates will take place on or about the 1st & 15th of each month. Click on the subscribe button to receive email updates whenever new information is posted.

For Families DirectoryOpening in a new window
Visit this page to access information on a variety of NPSD services.

North Penn School District's Family Welcome CenterOpening in a new window
Located in the Office of School and Community Engagement in the Educational Services Center (401 E. Hancock Street, Lansdale), the center provides information from local and national organizations, a vast lending library, computer-based language programs and other communication tools. We encourage families to expand their information base by using books, brochures and other resources found in its library. Visit our website for a full list of available resources.

North Penn Parents Special Education Council (NPSEC)Opening in a new window
Working Together with the North Penn School District, NPSEC has a mission to provide education and networking opportunities to parents/caregivers and professionals of children with learning or physical differences within the NPSD community. One way we do this is by providing monthly Speaker Series Workshops during the school year. These workshops are FREE and open to anyone.

North Penn Association for Gifted Education (NPAGE)
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NPAGE, Inc. is a non-profit, incorporated educational organization which works on behalf of gifted students, their families, their teachers, their educational administrators and friends of gifted education in the North Penn community. On our web pages you will find our monthly newsletter, a copy of our calendar of events and activities, information about gifted education, helpful links, and much much more!