Parent Newsletter

2021-2022 School Year

Members of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) represent a very select group of students who display the best qualities of our student body. To be selected as a member of NJHS is a privilege reserved for those students who are in the 8th and 9th grade (at Penndale) who have excelled in the categories of character, scholarship, service, leadership, and citizenship. Penndale's NJHS will have an informational meeting in October along with distributing applications to potential members in November.

Standards for selection are established by the National Office of NJHS and have been revised to meet our local chapter. In addition to having an unweighted, cumulative GPA of 4.0, students must also complete an application and receive recommendations from three staff members. While completion of the application and staff surveys doesn't guarantee membership, we hope parents encourage their child to apply for this service organization. Please note that all materials must be returned by an agreed upon date (TBD) to be eligible for consideration. Once your child has been notified of his or her acceptance into the organization, a membership fee may be instituted at the discretion of the advisors and/or administrators. The membership fee is a 2 year membership that will provide for the following:

Access to Leadership and Volunteer Workshops & Materials

National Conference

Awards Ceremony

Volunteer Shirts

Scholarship Fund for the Top Student

Best of luck!